Porte au Vin Club


When you join our Porte Au Vin Club for $45.00 (plus tax and shipping), you will receive three different bottles of our varietal ports that you can select from our current releases. This is a great way for you to get started!

 ~Automatic shipments four times a year. (NOTE: We had suspended automatic shipments for the duration of the economic recession.  But now that things are improving we will resume automatic shipments in 2018.)

 ~Invitations to special events

 ~Notification of new releases

 ~Member discount on all purchases

 ~Four times a year we will send you three bottles of our varietal ports. Since we have limited quantities available, this is a great way for you to be included in the release of new vintages and varieties.

 ~Enjoy a 10% discount over non-member prices: 10% off 1-5 bottles, 15% off 6-11 bottles, and 20% off 12 bottles or more.

 ~Each regular shipment of three bottles is $54 plus shipping ($0.01) and will be charged to your account on file.

 ~Order additional bottles of port any time you want and always receive your member discount.

And you get all this for an introductory initiation fee of only $45.00.


Click on "Add to Cart" for membership enrollment. If you want specific ports in your initial shipment, please identify them in the three drop-down boxes below. Remember to choose three different varietals. Otherwise we will select three different ports for your enjoyment.