Free Shipping!

It’s getting to that time of year when thoughts go towards shopping for gifts.  Of course for wine lovers, wine-related gifts are near the top of the list, but don’t you get frustrated by the prepackaged winery gift Packs/Baskets?  They never have exactly what you would like to give your favorite niece or brother-in-law (or yourself!).  Usually the items you want are presented in two or more packages with other “junk” you’re not looking for.

Well, St. Barthelemy Cellars has the answer for your dilemma, the “MAKE YOUR OWN GIFT PACK”.  You start with our lovely 3-bottle gift box and then fill it with whatever you want from our inventory of varietal ports and quality wine accessories.  You can pack a maximum of 3 bottles in the gift pack but leaving one or two bottles out will give you space for one or more of our wine accessories.

And you control the cost.  The gift box is $10, which includes ground shipping; to which is added the price of each item you choose to include.